5 reasons to hire a mobile bar for your wedding

Booze is an integral part of any celebration. Weddings are the most celebrated of all celebrations. It is important to think about how to ensure that your alcohol supplies lasts while saving your life savings.

Before we get to the benefits, let us talk about the options for bar service at your wedding.

Open bar: The wedding hosts will pay for all beverages, up to the point that the bar runs dry.

A limited open bar: The host may offer a limited number of drinks or drinks at no charge, or they will provide drinks for a time. Rest can be bought by the guest.

Cash bar This is where guests can pay for their drinks.

A mobile bar service can cater to your needs, no matter if you’re having an open or cash bar. Ask for quotes and don’t be afraid! Celebrate once you have found the right supplier for your needs.

Reduce costs

mobile bar hire in surrey can help you save money, whether you believe it or not. The cost of alcohol can rise when you have to order and decide what alcohol you want. We also know how long it takes for certain guests to RSVP. A mobile bar allows you to have a fully-stocked bar. The best part? Most suppliers don’t charge for leftovers.

Stress relief

The experts can handle it! The mobile bar comes with a bartender who is an expert. This means that your guests will have great service and can have lots of fun.

Trendy drinks

Your drink/cocktail menu is a reflection of you and your partner. So, hiring a bar service that caters to your needs and tastes will make your bar experience a memorable one. Mobile bars offer a wide range of drinks, from trendy cocktails to beers. All you have to do is choose the one that interests you!

Add character

Mobile bars can bring excitement to your event and add some character! Pop-up bars can add value to your wedding experience. Many of these bars have stunning setups that offer you and your guests photo opportunities.

They make a great meeting point

While waiting for your drink at the bar, how many stories can you tell? Bars are a great place to meet people! Mobile bars can be a great place for friends and family to meet and mingle. Instead of them waiting for drinks, let them get up and cruise around the bar, grab a drink, and maybe even end up on the dancefloor. Keep a mobile bar close to the dance floor!

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